April 6, 2015

Zipcar Green: How Car Sharing Helps the Environment [Infographic]

Zipcar isn’t just about car sharing—it’s about redefining transportation to make cities better places for you and me. For us, Earth Day isn’t confined to one day on the calendar. We’re a fan of the idea that the more we give up personally owned cars and adopt car sharing, the closer we get to smarter, cleaner cities. After all, less congestion on the streets could open up space for more bike lanes. Fewer parking lots could lead to more parks. And fewer carbon emissions could help us ensure a healthier future for the planet.

New population trends support the movement. More people are moving to urban centers, which has prompted city planners to wonder how the heck we’re going to fit in already crowded areas. Outdated zoning laws and wildly expensive parking are making people think twice before bringing the family sedan from the ’burbs, but that doesn’t mean they’re ready to rely solely on public transit. We get it—sometimes you just need a car. Lucky for you, a Zipcar membership unlocks 10,000 of ’em (and you never have to circle the block to find a spot). Want to know more about the positive impact our members have had on the environment? Check out the infographic.