dad with daughter balloons
June 13, 2019

5 Father’s Day Activities for Every Kind of Dad

This Father's Day, skip the tie and cologne. There's nothing more personal or long-lasting than spending quality time together doing something you both enjoy. From a good meal to a trip in the great outdoors. Here are five suggestions you'll both remember for years to come.


1. Grill It Up! 

June marks the start of summer. And you know what that means? Grilling season! Why not consider a backyard barbecue to gather with friends and family in honor of Dad? Go eco-friendly with either a propane grill, the most efficient fuel that puts out the lowest amount of carbon, or if you own a charcoal grill, try using lump coal over briquettes for less pollution. These simple choices still make for a great tasting BBQ, with less impact on the enviornment. 

father son grilling


2. Play Ball 

How about a day at the ballpark? Skip the big leagues and get personal at your neighborhood park, where you and your loved ones can challenge Dad to some friendly competition. Rather be one-on-one with your Old Man? Search for some local batting cages for your bonding time. Pack your own stadium-style foods like roasted peanuts and caramel corn. 

father son baseball


3. Play Ball...In The House

If the weather isn't cooperating for outdoor activities, there are plenty of sporty alternatives you can plan for a rainy or scorching day. Choose a relaxing round of indoor mini golf or something more challenging like rock climbing. If you and Dad have no experience in the chosen activity, even better! You can book a lesson or personal training session. Who knows, maybe trying something new could become your annual Father's Day tradition! 

rock climbing


4. Take A Walk On The Wild Side 

If nature and the rugged outdoors are more your family speed, get out in the wild (or at least your nearest state park). A day hike through the woods or up a mountain can carve out just the quiet time you need with Dad. Turn your trail time into a trip down memory lane, or make new memories around a campfire with an overnighter. Turn off your phone and get ready for great quality time - and don't forget the compass! 



5. Diner Dining 

Where Mother's Day is made for white tablecloth brunching, give Dad a little something different. Go old school with the Old Man by finding yours city's best diners. Book a big breakfast for the family or plan a greasy spoon crawl. Who wouldn't love a French fry taste test? Or have eggs at one diner, burger at another, and pancakes at the next! 

diner with dad


Happy Father's Day!