December 16, 2013

Welcome to Ziptopia!

Since our founding in 2000, we’ve been committed to making cities great places to live. By giving drivers access to “wheels when you want them” we’ve revolutionized how people manage personal transportation in the city. No longer do you need to own a car full time if you only need to drive it part time.

We’ve always been about more than cars and transportation, however. Through our service (which reduces cars on the streets and increases walking and biking), to our employees and members (who actively work to cleanup parks and streets, volunteer at food banks, and lend their creative talents to their communities), to our sponsorship of organizations dedicated to improving life for all city dwellers, we’ve made it our mission to enable “simple and responsible urban living.”

With Ziptopia, we take that commitment a step farther. A combination of “Zipcar” and “Utopia” (defined by Sir Thomas More as an “ideal society”), this online magazine is dedicated to highlighting the mix of perspectives, opinions, and experiences that make cities such enriching – and sustainable – places to live.

We’ve made it our mission to enable simple and responsible urban living.

Our goal with Ziptopia is to create a dynamic destination that offers compelling stories not just for members, but for anyone who shares our passion for innovation, sustainability and urban living. It is a storytelling platform that gives voice, not only to our employees and members, but also to people who are making a difference in the cities in which they live. 

It is our hope that with each feature, each post, each photo, we can help collectively move closer to a Ziptopian vision in our neighborhoods, our cities and the world, where people work, travel and live smarter. 

We hope you will return again and again to be informed, entertained and inspired by the people, ideas, organizations, products, and technologies that are defining, redefining and driving the very essence of city living.  We encourage you to enter the dialogue as well.  Leave a comment to let us hear your opinion on the stories that matter to you.

Zipping forward! 

Brian Harrington, Chief Marketing Officer