November 13, 2014

Splurt Zips to TomorrowWorld: Part 1

Zipcar got behind the scenes at TomorrowWorld for an unforgettable adventure. We buckled up for a ride of attention-grabbing artwork, nonstop DJs, and a topnotch view of the stage from our premium lounge. We weren’t the only ones excited — who better to take a Ziptrip than Splurt, famed DJ “in his own lane on the musical bridge to everywhere”? Splurt and Ike Love Jones went to TomorrowWorld for some seriously V.I.P. (err, Z.I.P.) treatment and pulled together a video along the way that’s just as silly as the festival is surreal. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery — now watch as today unfolds somewhere in between. (And once you're done, get psyched: Part 2 awaits.)