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December 2, 2019

Zipcar on Campus: The Perfect Birthday Surprise

Did you know that Zipcar is on over 400 university campuses across the U.S.?  

It’s true! Zipcar helps universities provide transportation options with on-demand, self-service cars on campus. Not only is car sharing good for a college student budget, it also helps lower congestion and the need for expansive parking lots around campus, while lowering the CO2 footprint! We’re not just for students – faculty and staff can become members too. 

For the 2019-2020 school year, we’re working with 74 student ambassadors on 37 campuses across the country. Student ambassadors help spread the word about Zipcar on their campuses and are a great resource for any questions about car sharing or how to use Zipcar. We asked our amazing student ambassadors to tell us how they zipped this fall semester–thanks to all who shared! Read on to see how Stanford University student, Sarah Lee, used Zipcar to create a very special birthday surprise.  


Birthdays, Bagels, and Bonding 

By Sarah Lee, Stanford University   

Time moves pretty fast—we run all over campus, managing classes that zoom at the speed of light, going to club meetings, and of course, taking on midterm after midterm. It’s an enormous privilege to be here, one that I am most thankful for, but sometimes, it is nice to slow down. For me, that means showing the people I love how much I appreciate them—and thanks to Zipcar, I was able to share some amazing moments with others for my boyfriend’s birthday! 

  1. In order to kick off the birthday festivities, my friend and I took a Zipcar for a late-night trip to our local Target. We picked up all of my boyfriend’s favorite study snacks (Pirate’s Booty and Takis, most definitely) and beverages (La Croix, I still don’t understand the reasoning there), along with balloons and streamers. 

  1. Early in the morning of his birthday, I snuck into his dorm room’s common room and decorated their futon! It ended up looking amazing. Then, we took a Zipcar off campus to grab bagels from our favorite place off-campus. 

  1. After all of our classes, we picked up yet another Zipcar and drove to Berkeley for a Hozier concert! Hozier is definitely one of our favorite artists and his show was mind-bogglingly beautiful. Thanks to Zipcar, we were also able to give a ride to two of our other Stanford friends, who would otherwise have had to take public transport back to campus—which might not have been as safe. 

Overall, it was an incredible day—there’s something uniquely special about sharing moments with those you love. I am grateful to get to slow downtime with them, and I am grateful for Zipcar in helping us experience the things that matter, from Target runs to concerts and everything in between. 



Thanks to Sarah for her submission and for being a Zipster! Find out if Zipcar is on your campus.