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March 25, 2021

Best Places to Watch Sunrise and Sunset Near You

Best Places to Watch Sunrise and Sunset Near You

Well hello there, daylight savings time. Spring is finally here after a long, cold winter. Time to come out of hibernation and thaw in the glow of a beautiful sunset.  

“But there are no places to watch the sunset near me!” Well, that’s where you may be surprised — there are lots of places to see the glimmer near you, even if you live in the middle of a city. Let’s explore a few of the most special sunup and sundown spots in America. 

New York City Sunrise and Sunset Views 

If you plan to see the sun come up over New York, dawn at Roosevelt Island is unbeatable. You'll see the sun rise gradually over the Queens skyline until it hits every part of the city. If you're not a morning person, simply turn around and watch the sun disappear beneath the magnificent Manhattan skyline. You can even make a day of it and watch both.

Where to Watch Sunrise Near Boston 

What’s the best place to watch sunrise in Boston? Two words: Revere Beach. There’s something really hopeful about early morning sunlight reflected on water. We think you’ll agree — it’s pretty magical. 

Best Place to Watch Sunrise and Sunset Near DC 

The Washington Monument is totally iconic at sunrise. Walk down to the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool on a calm day to see a colorful dawn made twice as pretty.  

For an unforgettable sunset, go to the edge of the tidal basin overlooking the Jefferson Memorial. Historic buildings look even more amazing against the sundown. 

Sunrise Views Near Chicago 

There’s almost nothing better than sunrise at Fullerton Beach in Chicago. The cityscape tapering to the edge of Lake Michigan, pink and white clouds reflected on the water — what’s not to love? 

San Francisco Sunrise Spot 

For a spectacular sunrise view, walk up to the top of Bernal Hill and enjoy an impressive 360-degree view. Enjoy your favorite morning coffee as the sunlight creeps up on the Financial District's skyscrapers to the north. 

Best Place to Watch Sunrise near Toronto 

Wondering where to watch the sunrise in Toronto? Go to Scarborough Bluffs — the top of the bluffs, not the beach — and let the dawn over Lake Ontario inspire you. On a good day, the rocks turn gold for a few minutes right after the sun comes up. Totally gorgeous. 

Best Philadelphia Sunset Views 

“What if I’m in Philly, though? What are the best places to watch the sunset near me?” One central location springs to mind: the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Spend the day inside and then come out and sit on the steps at sundown.  

Longer days mean more time to see the sunrise before you head into the office — or watch the sunset after you get out of work. Time to pack a blanket, pick a great location and live a little.