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January 13, 2020

A Zipcar Twist on Your New Year’s Resolutions

January is all about reflections from the year prior and making resolutions for the year ahead. It’s a clean slate to set new goals that you’ve been meaning to achieve even before the holidays. 

You may have committed to a classic resolution, like saving money, improving your health, or decluttering. Setting goals is the easy part but keeping up with them is the challenge. Fear not! In order to make sure those goals don’t become as distant of a memory as the party hats of New Year’s Eve, Zipcar is here. 

We’ve put a Zipcar spin on these classic resolutions to help you all year, long past the excitement in January. 

Save Money – Saving up to plan that big trip or just trying to spend less money in general? Your Zipcar membership is already bringing you closer to your goal. As a Zipster, you’re saving on a monthly car payment, gas, insurance and maintenance costs that accompany owning a vehicle. That’s thousands of dollars* each year that you can put toward your savings account or student loans—or even an adventure! When you own less, you can have (and do) more.  

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Health and Wellness – With holiday party season behind us, the new year marks a natural time to resume (or start) our exercise routines. That fun fitness class you’ve heard about on the other side of town? It’s now much more accessible with your Zipcar. Or maybe you’d rather get your steps in outside. Use a Zipcar to hit a hiking trail, take a beach walk, or hit the slopes.  And since wellness starts in the kitchen, take a trip to the grocery store in a Zipcar so you can stock up with a whole trunk full of healthy ingredients for home-cooked meals.  

zipcar ski rack

Declutter – New year, new you, new space? Whether you want to clear out your closet or bring a minimalistic style to your living room, you can breathe new life into your home with some dedication to declutter. It's a great way to reset your mind and your space. Fill up your Zipcar with items to donate to your local Goodwill or meet up with buyers from apps like LetGo. Have a collection of tools or instruments you don’t use often enough to justify storing them at home? Check out these sharing programs to see what you can borrow locally.   

zipcar moving out boxes

Give Back to Your Community – As a Zipcar member, you’re helping Zipcar give back to non-profit organizations coast to coast. You’re also helping your own community by getting a private car off the road, which improves the environment and eases urban congestion for everyone. However, you can do even more. Round up some friends to volunteer for an afternoon, and tell them you'll drive! You can use a website like Volunteer Match to find an opportunity to make an impact.  

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*For more information on the impact you make with car sharing, please visit zipcar.com/carsharing.