Couple using Ride Share in Apartment Complex
March 30, 2023

Perks to Having Car Sharing in Your Rental Building

If you live in an apartment, access to reliable transportation is a must-have. And owning a car is out of the question with all the hassles it comes with like car payments, gas money, insurance and maintenance fees. 

Rental buildings with car-sharing services like Zipcar offer residents all the benefits of owning a vehicle without the hassle. And with Zipcar at apartments and condos nationwide, you get easy access to a car near you, whenever you'd like.  

Save Money With Car Sharing 

Properties with Zipcar car-sharing on site can save residents a lot of cash. On top of not having to worry about parking expenses, Zipcar covers gas, maintenance and insurance options – saving you more than $700 each month vs. owning a car.* 

And with flexible booking options, you can book by the hour or day unlike traditional rental where it can cost hundreds of dollars per day regardless of how much a vehicle is driven. 

Car Sharing Decreases Greenhouse Gas Emissions 

With Zipcar car sharing, users can reduce their carbon footprint by up to 1,600 pounds per year. Sharing cars means there are fewer personally owned vehicles on the road, which is great news for the health of the planet. 

In fact, just one shared Zipcar takes an average of 13 cars off the road. That translates to better air quality through lowered greenhouse gas emissions, smog, and toxic fumes. If eco-friendliness is your goal, car sharing is one of the smartest ways to reduce your impact on the environment. 

Reliability of Knowing You Always Have a Ride 

If your apartment offers a car sharing service like Zipcar, you'll have guaranteed and reliable access to transportation for work, school, appointments, and activities in and out of town right near you. 

Zipcar car sharing is a quick and convenient way to get a car on demand, without waiting in long lines or having to book in advance. You can book a car right in the Zipcar app, hop in and go – all contact-free, right from your phone.