Zipcar Impact Report 2021 Zipcar Impact Report 2021

Since 2000, our car-sharing community has been reducing the need for personally owned vehicles and making more space for people and the things they love. That's because we share a vision with our members, cities, and policymakers across the globe for more sustainable and equitable city life.

This report captures Zipcar's impact on the communities we serve and offers insight into how our partnership with cities is delivering results. Together with our community of members and partners, we'll continue to drive a sustainable and equitable future for urban living.



Zipcar Impact Report Snapshot


Looking forward

Thank you to our community, partners, and members for supporting our mission, and working together to push our cities forward. We've been able to help people rethink private car ownership by offering a more responsible, sustainable, and equitable transportation option. Reducing car ownership means less driving, less parking, and more space for people and the things they love. By owning less, we all have more.


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