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Car sharing: a vital part of city living


Car sharing: a vital part of city living

In 2000, Zipcar envisioned a future where the number of people sharing cars outnumbered the people who personally own one. Twenty years later, Zipcar is the world's leading car sharing network, driven by a mission to enable simple and responsible urban living. While no one imagined the drastic changes the COVID-19 pandemic would bring to city life, we are closer to that future than ever before.


Zipcar shares a vision with cities and policy makers that mobility and access to a car should not be limited to those who can afford one. This report offers tangible proof that Zipcar continues to drive a sustainable and equitable future for urban living.


Together with our community of members and partners, Zipcar will continue to drive a sustainable and equitable future for urban living.

Zipcar reduces car ownership


of Zipcar North America members do not own or lease a car


of members postponed buying or leasing a car in 2019 because of Zipcar

Zipcar provides affordable access to a car


Zipcar reduces congestion


Zipcar is proud of our diverse global community


More than 1 million members worldwide

Nearly 50% of members in North America identify as BIPOC

Nearly 500 cities and towns 

Nearly 500 universities 

12,000 vehicle fleet 

Ready to join the movement?

Thank you to our community, partners, and members for supporting our mission, and working together to push our cities forward. We're at a pivotal moment to make urban mobility more responsible, equitable, and sustainable. By owning less, we all have more. 

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