Zipcar’s impact in 2022: Unlocking access in a pivotal year Zipcar’s impact in 2022: Unlocking access in a pivotal year

Every time you book a Zipcar,
you help reduce car ownership.


Think about it. You could own a car in the city, but it’d sit unused 95% of the time. But as a Zipcar member, you’re part of a car-sharing community that helps lighten the burdens of car ownership on our wallets, climate, and cities each year. And last year, the shift to cleaner, more equitable transportation was as urgent as ever.



Reducing the burdens

The cost of car ownership reached a record high of $10,728/year.



But our members saved more.


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2022 was the fifth warmest year on record. And transportation is the largest source of CO2 in the US.


But our members helped cut climate-warming emissions.


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Housing affordability hit record lows while 20% of land in city centers is used for parking.



But our members helped make space for people, not cars.


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Since 2000, our community has helped make transportation more sustainable, equitable, and diverse, while freeing up city space for more people-centered needs.  Here are some highlights on how our partnership with cities is delivering results.  



Our members are diverse and save more
  • Zipcar members saved ~$1000 month vs. car owners.

  • Nearly half of all members had incomes below the national median of $67,500. 

  • Our 2022 North American Transportation Survey was the first ever with a majority of BIPOC respondents.   

  • 25% of our fleet will be devoted to low-income communities

Our members cut emissions & support sustainable transportation
  • Zipcar members took 158% more transit trips than typical residents in major US metro areas.

  • 52% of members ride transit at least 5 times per week.  

  • Compared to the average driver Zipcar members carpool more for their trips. 

  • By 2030, electrifying our fleet will deliver $15 million in environmental and health benefits to Zipcar communities

Our members help free up urban space
  • Each Zipcar removes 13 personally owned cars off the road.

  • Each Zipcar frees up enough space for 4 studio apartments

  • Each Zipcar frees enough space for 200 outdoor dining seats

  • Our NYC fleet replaces over 39,000 parking spots — enough space to build 149 miles of protected bike lanes.