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Zipcar: Driving Change in 2018

Creating more space for people, not cars


Creating more space for people, not cars

Founded in 2000 by two female entrepreneurs, Zipcar is the world’s leading car-sharing network, driven by a mission to enable simple and responsible urban living. 

We share a vision with cities and policy makers across the globe—that it is not only possible to live car-free or car-lite—but such priorities make our lives easier, our cities less congested, and our planet more sustainable.This report offers tangible proof that round-trip car-sharing continues to offer indisputable, long-term and sustainable social, environmental, and financial benefits to our communities. 

The Zipcar effect

After all, taking cars off the road and creating a more sustainable future is what Zipcar is all about. And the numbers don't lie.

13 cars

Up to 13 personally-owned cars are taken off the road for each Zipcar. 

bike bus walk

Zipcar is part of a multimodal lifestyle. Zipsters report biking, using public transit, or walking the same or more after joining. 


fewer cars are on city streets thanks to Zipcar’s 12,000 vehicle fleet.


65% of Zipsters do not own a car 


54% of Zipsters got rid of a personal vehicle after joining Zipcar.

Zipcar frees up curb space


Zipcar frees up curb space

Shedding cars means more space for people, and all the things that make cites fun, vibrant, and healthy places to live. Cars take up space. A lot of it. The average parking space takes 200 square feet from the urban environment. 

Zipcar helps urbanites escape


Zipcar helps urbanites escape

Data shows Zipsters rely on walking, biking, and public transit for short trips, and turn to Zipcar for longer trips to out-of-town destinations.

Not all mobility options are created—or meant to be used—equally. 

Average Ziptrip: 47 mi

When we say Zipcar lets our members get out of town—from errands to escapes—we mean it.


55 miles: San Francisco to Napa 


47 miles: Detroit to Ann Arbor


51 miles: Boston to Plymouth Rock

Zipcar is good for the environment


Zipcar is good for the environment

The average U.S. vehicle occupancy is 1.54 people per trip, while Zipcar's is 2.06. That means more than just access to the carpool lane and road trip fun, it means less emissions.


After joining, round-trip car-sharing members drive 40% fewer miles than they did previously.


If car sharing wasn’t available, members would drive 26% more than their current levels.


Car-sharing members reduce their CO2 footprint by up to 1,600 pounds per year.


77% of Zipcar’s North American fleet are SmartWay certified vehicles, with lower than average greenhouse gas emissions and smog ratings. Cleaner fleet = Cleaner drive.




Whether launching in a new market or forming an innovative partnership, Zipcar had a busy year teaming up with municipalities and transit agencies across North America.

Zipcar’s public partnerships drive our success and are integral to our future. We are proud to have pioneered direct municipal partnerships that maximize the use of public assets for mobility, from Atlanta to Chicago, Denver, Kansas City, Sacramento, and Toronto (to name a few).

2018 highlights included:


Partnered with the New York City Department of Transportation to announce North America’s largest on-street round-trip car-sharing program, featuring nearly 230 converted spaces to car-sharing use.


Joined Mayor Ginther in Columbus to launch a new Zipcar market.


Launched vehicles at Maryland MTA rail stations, connecting Zipsters with regional commuter and public transit rail.


Expanded the Our Community CarShare program, which provides free electric vehicle car-sharing to residents of six Sacramento Housing Authority properties.


Zipcar's mission is brought to life through our investment in local communities. In 2018 alone, Zipcar donated over $100,000 in driving credit to 36 local non-profit organizations across North America that combat homelessness, green our cities, and promote equality.



Equality shouldn’t be up for debate. That’s why Zipcar was an early supporter of LGBTQ organizations and equal rights. We continue to show our support to LGBTQ partners, at Pride events, and in how we do business every day. We believe people can overcome anything on their own—but we’ll always be stronger together.


Women's equality

Empowering women is part of our DNA. We support a number of non-profits including the Boston Women’s Workforce Council, Strong Women, Strong Girls and the Women’s Audio Mission. By committing to #stopmanels (all-male panels), Zipcar ensures that every speaking engagement we participate in has at least one female voice.


Climate change

Zipcar is dedicated to making cities better places to live by reducing carbon emissions,decreasing congestion, and encouraging multimodal behavior.We are proud to have joined over 3,000 governors, mayors, investors, universities and businesses as members of We’re Still In, declaring our united commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement.



Zipcar employees are given paid time off and driving credit to volunteer for causes near and dear to them. For us, volunteering is how we put our wheels where they matter the most. In addition, our local teams dedicate several days a year to volunteer in their local communities. We believe it’s invaluable time well spent.

The Zipster


The Zipster

True fulfillment of Zipcar’s mission—to enable simple and responsible urban living—means investing in social, geographic, and economic equity to reach as diverse a pool of Zipsters as possible. 


87% of Zipsters spend less per month on transportation; $300 compared to the $706 U.S. monthly average. That's over $4.8 billion in total member savings per year. 

up to 40

Up to 40% of Zipsters have a household income below the U.S. median.


43% of Zipsters are able to affordably reach critical destinations like school and work.


64% feel empowered to be themselves and move independently.

The Zipcar reach


1 million members

500 cities and towns

600 university and college campuses

12,000 vehicles

60 different makes and models 

Endless opportunities! 

Ready to join the movement?

Thank you to our community, partners, and members for nearly two decades have made Zipcar the leading car-sharing network across the globe. You inspire us each and every day, thanks for making it #WorthTheTrip. 

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