cartoon zipcar members vote
October 7, 2020

Why Your Voice Matters


A lot of things make voting more important (and more challenging) this year. There’s an economic recession, polarizing politics, and a global pandemic. But don’t let them keep you from voting—it’s the best way to have your voice heard. At Zipcar, we’re committed to sharing the voices of our community. And we’ve been at it since day one. 

Twenty years ago, Zipcar was founded with a clear mission: to enable simple and responsible urban living.  

To fulfill our mission, we work with our partners and members to make sure Zipcar cities prioritize safe streets, sustainable transportation, equitable access for all, and more open space for people, not cars. By voting, you can make sure these values come to life.  

Your vote helps determine:  

  • funding for public transit 

  • policy changes for safe city streets 

  • allocation of resources like parks  

  • government officials that represent our communities 

This year, we're partnering with the Civic Alliance, a non-partisan group of businesses working together to encourage everyone to use their voice in this year’s election. We’re proud supporters of their initiatives that encourage voter participation, especially the Election Day of Service. We understand this year’s urgent need for new poll workers and a safe, accessible election. So, we're making sure all Zipcar employees who want to volunteer as poll workers get paid time off to do so.  

"Because many older Americans who served as poll workers in previous elections are staying home to stay safe this year, elections officials are turning to young Americans who serve as poll workers to keep polling places open, safe and accessible,” said Steven Levine of the Civic Alliance. “We are proud that Zipcar is enabling their employees to answer this call, by providing them with paid time off to serve. We encourage all companies to consider following their example."  

Looking for ways to get involved too? Get tips on how to be an active citizen here. But most importantly, make a plan to vote, and help your friends and family make one too. Voting in person (with your mask on!) or by mail is one of the most important things you can do this November.  

Your voice makes a difference, so use it. Together we can build better communities and a sustainable future. See you at the polls.