January 28, 2014

The Next Big Thing? (Or the Next Segway?)

Photos of RYNO Bikes courtesy of RYNO MotorsPhotos of RYNO Bikes courtesy of RYNO Motors

The RYNO Bike, a one-wheeled micro cycle, created by Oregon native Chris Hoffman, has been generating buzz all across the country for its daring design. RYNO Motors has taken a big idea (making motorized transportation more personal) and turned it into a tangible product. For $5300, you can tool around at up to 10 mph on streets, sidewalks and bike lanes— depending on the pedestrian traffic regulations of your city or town.

The 160-pound urban eye-catcher provides about 15 miles of travel per full six-hour battery charge and if that’s not enough, you can upgrade to the lithium-ion battery and get 10,000 times the power supply. There’s no need to be coy in the rain, either, since this bike is designed for both wet and dry conditions. (Keep it at home when ice or snow are in the forecast.) This zippy cycle is easy on your wallet and the planet, boasting better efficiency than the average American car and other high-mileage scooters, according to the company’s website.

On the road to smarter urban mobility, the jury is still out on whether this micro cycle will successfully move from big idea to big business, or will go the way of the Segway. Either way, it’s always inspiring to see the continued innovation in transportation. 

Check out RYNO Motor's founder Chris Hoffman and a demo of the green machine on an episode of the Today Show. What do you think? Would you forego walking, biking, or driving for one of these one-wheeled wonders?