October 3, 2014

In Google's Ingress, Virtual Reality Becomes Reality

Google (we’re guessing you’ve heard of ’em) is always doing something to make cities better places to live — whether it’s building the next driverless car, turning old payphones into Wi-Fi hotspots, or creating a virtual reality game like Ingress. Dreamed up by Niantic Labs (a startup within Google), Ingress takes gaming to a new level, fostering a community of gamers who might ordinarily play indoors and teaming them up with new friends to tackle complex, real-time, and super fun challenges online and off.

Want in? There are anomalies (Ingress’s term for free, in-real-life, multiplayer events) happening all the time. Don’t worry if you’re new — watch our video of Ingress players in Minneapolis nabbing clues and cracking creative puzzles and you'll be up to speed in no time.