May 18, 2015

What Generation Is Having More Fun In The City? Probably Not Who You Think [Video]

It seems pretty much a given that bustling city life is for the young. Or is it?

More and more, Urban Boomers (city-dwellers, aged 50-69) are emerging as a dynamic demographic, ditching the ‘burbs in favor of the fast-paced fun and flavor that only metropolitan life can dish up. They’re finding that an active life (walking, biking, and a multitude of fitness classes) is more fulfilling than a private backyard; that round-the-corner access to restaurants, culture, and classes is their chance to reinvent themselves. They’re plenty savvy on social media, too, using all kinds of apps to document and optimize their new lives, which they’ll tell you straight-up are plenty more fun than the rollickin’ days of their twenties.

So just who are these Urban Boomers? They come from all walks of life. They’ve been married, divorced, or never hitched at all. They’re retired, working less, or still working the 9-5. And the more of city life they taste, the more they embrace and make it their own.

But don’t just take our word for it. Watch two Urban Boomer Zipsters who made the leap—and see how they’re thriving in new (and sometimes surprising) ways.