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May 2, 2019

7 Tips From a Travel Blogger for the Best Road Trip Ever

Hitting the open road for adventure can be exhilarating—but also overwhelming. That’s why we consulted with an expert: award-winning travel blogger and Instagrammer JetsetChristina, who (quite literally) lives her life on the road. Follow her tips to make your next highway getaway the best road trip ever.

1. Take your time!

It’s about the journey not the destination.It’s about the journey not the destination.

In order to make a road trip more fun, I always spread the trip out onto more days than I need. After all, on a road trip, the journey is always the real destination. And what’s a little detour if you can end up having the time of your life in some town you would have otherwise never heard of? Taking your time means allowing for the spontaneous to happen, and allowing for some awesome unexpected experiences to take shape.

2. Research in advance 

I love looking at travel blogs, scouring the Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” list, and asking friends and my blog followers for recommendations on where to stop before I go. Then, once I get an idea of all the options for stops, I prioritize and make a general plan.

3. Make a plan, but stay spontaneous

Plan extra time for the exhilarating detours.Plan extra time for the exhilarating detours.

But…I make sure that plan isn’t too rigid. Although it’s important to have some general direction (at least for me; I’m a planner to a fault), it’s also important to remember that the best times on road trips can be the times you can’t predict, and don’t ever expect. And if you’ve built in extra time, you don’t have to stress about enjoying these detours.

4. Pack a picnic

Impromptu picnics are incomplete without wine and cheese.Impromptu picnics are incomplete without wine and cheese.

Whenever I’m gearing up for a great road trip, I love to have a cooler packed with a bunch of La Croixs and a basket full of cheeses, breads, and a blanket for impromptu roadside picnics. It’s my little way of making the trip more exciting, and I’ll keep myself entertained trying to find the best place to stop and soak in the views.

5. Take the scenic route

I grew up in California, where you can drive from San Francisco to LA in about 6 hours, or you can take 8 hours and do the world-famous Pacific Coast Highway, with its sweeping views of the California Coast and jaw-dropping cliffs of Big Sur. To me, that’s a no-brainer. The scenic route is always the best way.

6. Pack some entertainment

If you’re going on a road trip, it’s important to plan ahead for entertainment. I always download my favorite podcasts or a great audiobook ahead of time. And if you have kids on the trip with you, make sure you have tons of things to keep them happy on a long drive, like movies, snacks, and road games.

7. Get creative with your accommodations

Jazz up your road-trip by adding a night of glamping to the agenda. Jazz up your road-trip by adding a night of glamping to the agenda.
You may not remember yet another Motel 6 on the highway in Texas, but you’ll definitely remember that time you glamped under the stars in Big Sur or stayed in an adorable bed and breakfast in Taos. I always try to find unique places to spend the night, and these almost always end up being the highlights of the trip.

Christina Vidal is the California-based, award-winning travel blogger and Instagrammer behind Jetset Christina. She has been to 55 countries—and counting—and her Instagram is all about showcasing the best in travel, in the world’s most swoon-worthy locales. Jetset Christina has been ranked as aTop 5 Luxury Travel Instagrams to Follow in 2017 by Trip Advisor and #1 by Travel & Leisure. Find her at or on Instagram @jetsetchristina.