March 5, 2018

Travel Words That Don't Exist (But Should!): Part II

Ever at a loss for words to describe what you’re experiencing on the go? Fear not; we’ve once again come up with a list of brilliant phrases to articulate common travel scenarios, from transportation to overnight lodging. (Want even more wise words? Peek back at Part I!) 


Blabigator: Someone who is supposed to help you navigate, but talks so much they miss turns and instructions.

Smile Marker: When you decide to be nice and let someone in front of you…and they wave and say thank you. (We’re all sharing the same road out there!)

Detourist: Someone who loves to take different routes and discover something super cool they wouldn’t have found otherwise.


Gourmet-cation: A foodie-centric vacation.

Chewed-Up For Anything: When one eats cuisine that is normally not ordered or desired—but simply must be sampled—given its revered status as a local or regional delicacy.

Try-It-Tician: The title you assume when traveling, which allows you to eat any food on vacation—especially just to “try it”—and not have it count against your diet.



Honeymoochers: A couple who travels together to desirable locations, relying on friends who live there for room, board, and other items, under the pretense they are “visiting.”

Pilloooooow Yeah: When the hotel pillow is SO much nicer than the one you have at home…and you seriously consider never returning for just this reason.


Overmight Bag: An over-packed bag for the time planned to travel—plus additional just-in-case items. “It’s a three-day trip, but I should pack seven pairs of underwear. You never know. I might need them.”

Shruggage: Luggage for the free spirit who packs on a whim, when their plans—including where, when, with whom, and even if they’ll stay overnight—are largely unknown.

Doubt Of Office Notification: Out of office notification that expresses uncertainty that one will return to the workplace at the end of planned travels. “I’m away in Hawaii until the 23rd—IF I decide to come back, that is!”


Forget-Me-Boughts: That “arrrrgh!”-inducing phenomenon of going out of your way prior to a trip to purchase a specific item you know you will need—that you also know will be a major pain to procure when you reach your destination—only to completely forget to pack it.

Duty Spree: The act of buying tons of stuff you don’t need, just because it’s duty free.

Dash-Out Cash-Out: When you rush to spend the last bits of loose change and small bills of a foreign currency at the very end of your travels, so you don’t have to change it back when you return. (See: Duty Spree.)


Sightscreamer: A sightseer who—upon reaching every new vista, monument, or landscape—loudly exclaims in wonder, “Oh, LOOK!!!”

Auteurist: A tourist who extensively directs others (usually family) to create imaginative photos or videos of their own vision.

Deja Who: When you bump into someone in a foreign place and know you’ve never met them…but they look *so* familiar.