people taking bottled water out of boxes
September 14, 2017

5 Ways to Support Hurricane Relief Efforts

From volunteering to sending care packages, there are many ways to support hurricane relief efforts.From volunteering to sending care packages, there are many ways to support hurricane relief efforts.

There's no other way to put it: the past few weeks have been tough. Hurricane Irma has left Florida, the Caribbean, and parts of South Carolina and Georgia reeling from damage, flooding, and loss of power. And Texans are still recovering from the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey.

In fact, Hurricane Harvey and Irma’s effects are estimated to have caused between $150 to $200 billion in damage to homes, vehicles, infrastructure, and more in Texas and Florida alone.

As our communities begin to rebuild, we at Zipcar are committed to helping where we can. For every Ziptrip taken this Saturday, September 16, we’re donating one dollar to the American Red Cross.

Here are five other ways you can support the hurricane relief effort.

1. Make a donation

We at Zipcar have partnered with the American Red Cross to support their relief efforts for Harvey and Irma. There are many other charitable organizations you can donate to, as well. Check out Charity Navigator’s list of carefully vetted charities providing support to Irma and Harvey victims.

2. Volunteer 

One of the most valuable ways you can support hurricane relief efforts is giving your time. Organizations like American Red Cross, Volunteer Florida, and the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster are currently accepting volunteers. If you’re a nurse, Florida is looking for support with their special needs shelters, as well—email [email protected] to apply.

3. Make a care package 

You can donate canned or packaged food, bottled water, or even supplies such as diapers to families in need. Check out organizations like the Houston Food Bank, Feeding Florida, and the Texas Diaper Bank to learn more. 

4. Help rebuild 

Lend a hand to help families rebuild their homes by donating or becoming a volunteer with organizations like Habitat for Humanity. As they noted on their website, the recovery and rebuilding phase from the hurricanes in these cities may last for months or even years.

5. Give blood 

In the aftermath of Irma and Harvey, there is a need for blood donations, as well. In particular, O negative blood types and platelet donations are in high demand. You can give blood in locations across the country through the American Red Cross or, if you are located in Florida, through local donation centers like OneBlood