pacific gate
September 22, 2023

Zipcar Elevates Condo Complex with Luxury On-Site Car Sharing

  • Pacific Gate, a prestigious condo complex in San Diego, CA, redefines urban living with an innovative on-site San Diego car sharing partnership powered by Zipcar
  • Luxury condo building Pacific Gate in San Diego, CA sought a way to use vehicles on-site to attract new residents in a crowded market
  • Zipcar created a custom car-sharing program for Pacific Gate in 2018 that included four luxury vehicles kept on-site for residents 
  • Today, more than 200 residents have access to the on-site Zipcars, booking 7,636 reservations over 173,627 miles through 2023 
  • The property has increased resident satisfaction and reduced expenses 
  • Zipcar maintains the fleet for Pacific Gate, including upkeep, cleaning, fuel and basic insurance 
  • Zipcar custom reporting gives Pacific Gate management visibility into when residents use the program and how often 
  • Four on-site Zipcars keep 52 personally owned vehicles off the road and reduced carbon emissions by 320,000 pounds annually (see Zipcar’s 2022 Impact Report for more information)  


Residential Car Sharing Infographic


About Pacific Gate 

Opened in 2018, Pacific Gate is a 41-floor high-rise in downtown San Diego with 215 luxury two- and three-bedroom condos. The building offers an elevated standard of living with towering views of both the city and the waterfront. Building amenities include a 24-hour lobby attendant, fitness center, pool, BBQ deck, sauna and steam rooms, a community lounge room, screening room, conference room, and a business center. 

The Background 

As the management team of Pacific Gate worked toward opening their new luxury tower in 2018, offering a robust menu of amenities became a top priority. Plans included one-of-a-kind enhancements like a resident relations and concierge manager, a pet retreat, and even an exclusive yacht reserved for residents. A question kept arising: What else could further differentiate their building in one of the country’s most competitive real estate markets? 

Enter Zipcar, which brought the idea of in-building car-sharing, with luxury vehicles on-site for residents to book at their leisure. 

The Solution 

After taking an initial meeting with Zipcar, Pacific Gate realized that offering on-site luxury vehicles would add further value to their property and residents. In 2018, Pacific Gate partnered with Zipcar to launch a custom car-sharing program with four luxury vehicles dedicated to residents of the property. 

For residents, the on-site vehicles—exclusively for their use—proved a convenient way to get around without having to own a car themselves. They could book cars at no cost to them, whenever they wanted, right on Zipcar’s easy-to-use app.  

For Pacific Gate, the program was valuable as a hassle-free way to give residents free access to cars. Zipcar maintains the fleet, including providing upkeep, cleaning, fuel, and basic insurance. Custom reporting gave Pacific Gate management regular insights into when residents were using the vehicles and how often. 

The Result 

Pacific Gate residents are condo car-sharing converts, with the more than 200 residents who have access to the luxury Zipcars on-site. Since the program’s launch in 2018, Pacific Gate residents have made 7,636 reservations and driven vehicles more than 173,627 miles, with the added benefit of fewer cars on the road lowering annual carbon emissions by 320,000 pounds (see Zipcar’s 2022 Impact Report for more information). 

The program has helped Pacific Gate stand out from other properties in San Diego, all while improving resident satisfaction. And building’s bottom line has benefitted, too—car-sharing has reduced expenses and hassle by eliminating the need for Pacific Gate to maintain a high-end luxury fleet itself. 

One additional benefit: Adding Zipcars has helped free up parking and boosted Pacific Gate’s sustainability efforts by reducing the number of personally owned vehicles by its residents. 

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