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Charles River Conservancy

This summer we've partnered with the Charles River Conservancy, an organization that helps upkeep the Charles River and its parks.


From cleanups to advocacy, their work helps keep our Boston community connected to nature.

And we're all about sharing and nature. To help their mission grow, we've added 10 cars with a custom Charles River Conservancy design all around Boston.

From now until 9/30/22, for every hour you drive one, we’ll donate $1 to The Charles River Conservancy.

Our goal is $20,000. We think we can get there with your help. 

How it works

Open the Zipcar app or login to Then follow these three steps:



When booking, look for cars with the custom Charles River Conservancy design and "CRC" in the car name. Or search for the car's locations.


Book your car for as long as you need—just like any other trip. 


For every hour you drive, we'll donate $1 to the Charles River Conservancy (Don't worry, we'll do the math.)

Find the Charles River Conservancy Zipcars near you


The custom Charles River Conservancy Zipcars will be at these locations:

233 Sydney St

523 Columbus Ave

154 Centre St

7 Ellery St

1320 Washington St

1 S Sydney St

89 South St

1000 Cross St

549 Commonwealth Ave

13 Amherst St (Cambridge)

More about The Charles River Conservancy