Keeping our Zipcar community safe

Keeping our Zipcar community safe

Your safety is always our top priority. While we’ve taken extra steps to help protect all our members, you can help keep yourself and your neighbors safe, too.
Keeping our Zipcar community safe

Our carsharing community is safer (and stronger) when we look out for each other




What we're doing


We clean our cars regularly and have upgraded our cleaning procedures with anti-viral and anti-microbial solutions. 


We’ve added extra hygiene and safety practices to our fleet team’s routine. 


We immediately remove a car from service if we learn it’s been exposed to the virus.

What you can do


Wash your hands before and after driving. 


Wear a mask while traveling, and don’t drive if you feel sick. 


Disinfect surfaces with antiviral wipes. 


Take your things with you when you leave.  

If your car’s dirty when you pick it up, report it in the app before your trip starts (and avoid a cleaning charge). 




With Zipcar, you’re in control on essential trips


Contact-free access

We’re self-service, so you have contact-free access to cars.


Cars available near you

Our cars are available 24/7—drive whenever you need to. 


High cleaning standards

Our fleet team cleans and maintains our cars with strict standards.  

Zipcar in the news

“I wouldn’t hesitate myself to use a Zipcar..."

–Amesh Adalja, infectious disease doctor working on pandemic policy at Johns Hopkins University


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How is Zipcar responding to COVID-19?

The safety of the Zipcar community is our top priority. That’s especially true as concerns around the coronavirus (COVID-19) evolve. We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and following guidelines and recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO), and local health officials.

With that in mind, we’ve taken measures to ensure the safety of our community, including upgrading cleaning products and providing employees with guidelines as to how to stay healthy, reduce the risk of transmission, and maintain a healthy workplace at this time.

We'll continue to take actions necessary to keep our community safe.  For the safety of all members, please ensure you are taking the right personal steps to ensure you and others remain safe. 


How does Zipcar clean its vehicles? 

In order to allow our members access to vehicles on-demand, we are not able to clean each vehicle in between every booking. We have, however, taken proactive measures to upgrade the cleaning products we use to ensure each vehicle is regularly and rigorously cleaned using our sanitizing procedures. Specifically, we have upgraded our car-cleaning with the use of antiviral and antimicrobial solutions. We’ve also promoted additional healthy hygiene and safety practices within the team that works behind the scenes to care for our vehicles.

All of our cleaning professionals and our Zipcar employees involved in fleet management have been provided guidelines as to how to stay safe while making sure that our vehicles are regularly cleaned using our sanitizing procedures.

We are also encouraging our members to continue to be responsible members of our community and practice good hygiene. We recommend that members help our Zipcar community by bringing disinfecting wipes to wipe down the car for themselves and others.


What should members do to continue to be responsible members of the Zipcar community?

While Zipcar is enhancing cleaning protocols and solutions as well as waiving cancellation fees to keep its community safe, Zipcar is also asking members to continue to be responsible for their safety and the safety of others. Please follow guidance from health experts and stay home if you feel sick. Members can help our car sharing community by bringing disinfecting wipes to wipe down the car for yourself and others.


What mechanisms are in place for members to report to you if they are being tested or have tested positive for COVID-19? 

We are encouraging any member exhibiting symptoms during or after their booking to call Zipcar’s dedicated Member Services line (866-494-7227) as soon as possible.

For any vehicles in question, Zipcar will isolate the vehicle and remove it immediately from future bookings until it is cleaned. We are committed to ensuring any vehicles in question are cleaned using our sanitizing procedures before returning to our fleet. Zipcar also has an internal procedure in place to notify any others potentially affected as needed


How does Zipcar clean a vehicle if it is notified that a member or passenger has COVID-19?

Zipcar will isolate the vehicle and clean it according to our upgraded sanitizing process.


What if an applicant or member’s license is expiring soon?

With the evolution of COVID-19, some Departments of Motor Vehicles have temporarily relaxed their license expiration guidelines to prevent people from coming into physical locations. Accordingly, Zipcar applicants with recent or soon-to-be expired driver licenses can apply to Zipcar during their states' extension period. Members with recent or soon-to-be expired driver’ licenses can temporarily adjust their license expirations as well. To learn more, visit our Help Center.


Does Zipcar offer vehicles for one-way trips? 

Zipcar offers a round-trip service, but its partners, AvisBudget, and Payless, offer one-way rentals.


Is Zipcar doing anything for healthcare organizations or workers?

Zipcar is offering discounted plans to healthcare organizations and providers. To learn more about how to receive other Zipcar membership discounts, call 1-866-494-7227.


Is Zipcar still operating in North America?


As an essential service, Zipcar is still operating in North America; we are continuing to monitor all federal and local guidelines and will communicate any service changes to members in areas affected. We also encourage members to follow all health and safety guidelines provided by their city or state.


Who can Members contact if they have additional questions?

Members should contact Zipcar Member Services: 1-866-494-7227.