Zipcar + Capital Area Food Bank working together to take hunger off the map.



drive away hunger

The Capital Area Food Bank is the largest organization in the Washington metro area working to solve hunger and its companion problems: chronic under nutrition, heart disease, and obesity. By delivering food directly into hard to reach areas, the CAFB is helping 540,000 people each year get access to good, healthy food. (That's 12% of our region!) 

So, what can you do? Join the movement and help take hunger off the map. Now through November 30 11:59pm EST, every $10 cash donation made to our friends at CAFB, we'll reward you $10 in free driving.*

How it works:

1) Check out our digital food drive here.

2) Fill out the donation form and be sure to include your Zipcard # in the comments section.

3) Zip away knowing you've made a difference in someone's life. (Plus, enjoy some free driving along the way.)


Terms & Conditions: *Please note - additional contributions are always welcomed. However, max driving credit for cash donations is $20 per member.*


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