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Is Zipcar worth it?
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"It's the best [carshare] company out now! It's accessible and is located nearly everywhere in the DMV [Delaware, Maryland, Virginia] area. It doesn't matter what time of day you rent it, you can pick one up anytime."

– Tanicka


"My favorite thing about having access to Zipcar is the convenience of it... The car makes it easy to go to several stops without having to go on several bus routes... The convenience of Zipcar makes the membership fee so worth it."

– Connor

"I haven't had a car in over 40 years in Seattle and Zipcar is so much easier and as affordable as it gets..."

– Ronna

"...It's a great alternative to owning a vehicle. The fact that you don't have to pay for gas makes it more attractive than renting a car and at the end of the day, you don't have to struggle to find parking, the cars are always in the same spot."

– Zipcar Member

Car sharing cuts emissions. And costs.

"It's well worth the money! Car sharing is more cost-effective and certainly better for the environment than owning your own car. Especially with gas costs as high as they are!"

– Amy

"Using Zipcar is super convenient and cost-effective, especially when you live in a city where the parking costs are high..."

– Fei

"Do it! The membership pays for itself especially living in a metro area. Not having to worry about paid parking is a big win too! When you add up the savings it's a no brainer."

– Ronald

Cars on demand. By the hour or day.

"I can have easy, local access to a vehicle when I need it, whether planning in advance or for a last minute need. I have a choice of different vehicles depending upon what my trip entails... And no more need for filling out rental car agreements every time."

– Ronna

"My favorite thing about having access to Zipcar is that the motto is true - wheels when I want them! For me, having the ability to go multiple places and have a car to put things in for a short time is a huge asset. I honestly cannot imagine living here without Zipcar in my life."

– Michael

Have a car without owning one.

"[I like] Not having to worry about parking, car repairs, car insurance or anything other than driving. Living in a city with very little parking, and lots of snow in the winter, I greatly appreciate having the option to drive when I want but not having to worry about maintaining a car."

– Amy

"Using the app to book cars is great..."

– Daksh

"It's much less expensive than owning and maintaining one car... And insurance is much less expensive than insuring a personal vehicle."

– Douglas

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