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Gear up for your next ziptrip

subaru with ski rack

Gear up for your next ziptrip

Select Zipcars have Yakima racks for all kinds of outdoor adventure. To book a Zipcar with a rack, look for “Rack” in the car name, the Yakima logo, and a bike, surf or ski icon next to the car image. Check out our quick videos below to see how easy it is to load up your gear.


How to use your Yakima rack


Bike racks

Watch how to load your bikes on a Zipcar 


Surf racks

Learn how to secure you surfboards on a Zipcar 


Ski racks

See how to clamp skis and snowboards on a Zipcar  

I am looking for product instructions, where can find them?

Yakima FrontLoader (bike rack)
Yakima FatCat (ski rack)
Yakima SUPDawg (surf rack)

Can I lock my equipment to the rack?

Locks are not provided with the Yakima racks. Members who wish to lock their equipment, should bring their own locks or security cables. To avoid theft, do not leave your bike unattended without a lock.

What is the minimum clearance?

When riding with mounted equipment to the roof rack, member should avoid low clearances. Members should measure the height for exact measurements as the height of equipment will vary, but below are recommended clearances minimums based on the rack type: With mounted bikes:  10’ (Impreza) or 10’ 6” feet (Crosstreck) or 3 meters (Elantra) With mounted surfboard:  7’6” (Impreza) or 8’ (Crosstreck) or 230 centimeters (Elantra)

What is the weight limit per bike?

The weight limit is 40 lbs per bike/bike mount.

The bike rack is wobbling a lot on the crossbars, what do I do?

The front clamp on the bike mount is fully tightened and locked to the crossbars, so you don’t have to do any adjustment there. Make sure the rear clamp of the FrontLoader is tight on the rear crossbar. Turn the knob on the rear clamp clockwise to tighten more if needed.

My bike is wobbling, what do I do?

Make sure the strap is tightened on the rear wheel. Make sure the front red knob is fully tightened to secure the front wheel.

My bike’s front wheel doesn’t fit well into the front of the rack, what do I do?

Make sure that correct wheel size is selected on the front hoop. If you don’t know your bike’s wheel size, it is printed on the tires. To change the wheel size, flip both the red levers open on the front wheel hoop, and slide the wheel grip until the number matches your wheel size. You can look through the window on the wheel grip to see the different tire sizes printed in white. Make sure both red levers are closed after wheel size is set.

Can I carry my bike with fenders?

No, the bike mount will not be able to properly grip the front wheel on a bike with fenders, so DO NOT try and carry a bike with fenders.

Which direction do I load my skis?

Load skis with the tips facing the rear of the vehicle.

My ski rack seems loose, how do I tighten it?

Open up the front FatCat by pressing the large front button. On the bottom inside the rack, you will see two knobs. You can flip the knobs up to open, and rotate clockwise until you feel a lot of resistance on the knob. Then go ahead and close both the knobs, and repeat on the rear FatCat.