For a limited time, Zipcar spreads good karma with Boston members #KarmaIsAZipcar
December 13, 2023

Good members know all to well that #KarmaIsAZipcar

Dear Reader,  


This weekend in a limited number of vehicles, Zipcar is spreading good karma with special friendship bracelets for good members in Boston. 


Good members know all too well Zipcar's "Three Simple Rules" of sharing good karma in our cars found throughout Boston (and can be driven anywhere, like to Foxboro for sightseeing...): 1) Karma is tidying up 2) Karma is filling the tank, and 3) Karma is returning on time. 


And, for those unfamiliar with why #KarmaIsAZipcar, you might not know about us, but we’ll bet you’ll want to, because: 


At Zipcar, we keep our side of the street clean. 

You might not know what we mean. 

‘Cause karma is a shared car 

Karma is a community of members 

Karma is the breeze in your hair driving a Zipcar on the weekend

Karma’s saving on the cost of car ownership 

Aren’t you envious that for you it’s not? 

Sweet like honey, karma is a dedicated parking spot 

Pulling right in, not circling the block 

Flexing the on-demand app like a GD acrobat 

Zipcar members and karma vibe like that. 


For those in Boston and the rest of our sharing community, we hope you receive and share some good karma with those who take you to the summit.   


Alright Nah, 


The Zipcar Squad