February 12, 2024

Vote Now! Accelerate Mission-Driven Student Groups with Access to Transportation and Grants from Zipcar’s Signature “Students with Drive” Campaign

BOSTON, February 12, 2024 -- When students returned to campus in 2023, Zipcar launched its signatureStudents with Drivecampaign to support the next generation of mission-driven leaders. From wellness, arts and culture to civics, service, and social and environmental justice, hundreds of Gen Z student groups nationwide entered Students with Drive competing to win access to affordable, convenient transportation and grants from Zipcar to drive their mission further.  

 After narrowing down the entries to eight finalists, students, their communities, friends and family can now vote on the group that will win a Grand Prize of $5,000 for the student organization, $5,000 for a university general scholarship fund and $2,000, with tiered prizes for second through eighth place 

 Vote Now! 

Now through March 15, 2024, visit www.zipcar.com/swd to vote and spread about these amazing young trailblazers, including:  

  • Nurtured by Nature, Stanford University 

  • SOLES, University of California Los Angeles 

  • CrimsonEMS, Harvard College 

  • 17o1 Records, Yale University 

  • People of Color Outside (POCO), Pomona College 

  • Nursing Students for Harm Reduction, Johns Hopkins University 

  • WCMC Wellness Qlinic, Weill Cornell Medical College 

  • SISTUHs Incorporated, University of Florida 

The Impact of Winning Zipcar’s Students with Drive 
Each finalist has stressed the importance of Zipcar’s affordable, convenient transportation to expand their organization's reach and impact, which coupled with a grant, would amplify their mission and capabilities.  

For example, People of Color Outside (POCO), a student-led organization at Pomona College in Claremont, Cali., is driven by a mission to help BIPOC communities strengthen their connection to nature by hosting frequent and culturally responsive outdoor activities, providing access to outdoor skills, environmental education, and a caring and welcoming community. Students with Drive would make a significant impact on POCO, just like the seven other finalists 

"One of the most challenging logistical tasks we face is organizing transportation to and from our destinations. Having access to Zipcar driving credits would significantly ease the burden of transportation,” said Hasana Parker, founder and president of POCO. “Another obstacle we encounter in our club is securing the necessary funding to extend invitations to the broader Pomona community for our trips.  A collaboration with Pomona College Academy for Youth Success (PAYS) will be fulfilling in that though many of these students live in the area they have never had the opportunity to see the snow on Mount Baldy, hike beautiful California trails or learn to surf at the numerous beaches. Being able to provide them [PAYS] with such opportunities is the core of what POCO is all about." 

About Zipcar for Universities 

For more than twenty years, Zipcar has been a critical component of campus transportation and sustainability initiatives. Zipcar provides students, faculty, and staff, access to Zipcars to pursue off-campus activities and community initiatives, enriching the student life experience and supporting a university's impact on the community. Today, Zipcar enables campus communities across the nation to drive on-demand with gas and electric charging, insurance options, dedicated parking, maintenance and up to 180 miles a day included in the cost of a reservation. To learn more, visit www.zipcar.com/universities.