We’re with you, Climate Mayors
June 2, 2017

We’re with you, Climate Mayors

To the Climate Mayors,

We’re with you.

As you, the mayors of cities across the country, commit to adopting, honoring and upholding the Paris Climate Agreement and its goals, we’re with you.

Since our start 17 years ago, partnering with cities to achieve their goals of reducing carbon emissions, decreasing traffic and congestion, and encouraging multi-modal behavior amongst their residents has been our top priority. We’re proud of the impact that we’ve had together and with our over one million members – preventing 1.6 billion pounds of COemissions per year and keeping almost 415,000 personally owned vehicles off the road.

But it’s time to double down. As you intensify your efforts to meet climate goals, we’re committed to working with you to do our share. After all, the transportation industry is the largest and fastest-growing contributor to climate change, and car sharing should continue to be be a major part of how our cities grow and develop to fight it.

As we’ve said before, right now is when the Earth needs saving the most, and we’re confident that if we continue to stand together, we can continue to make progress.