Zipcar Expands in Chicago after Enterprise CarShare Skips Town
August 30, 2017

Zipcar Expands in Chicago after Enterprise CarShare Skips Town

Zipcar has expanded its service to a number of new locations throughout Chicago in an effort to keep the city moving in the wake of Enterprise CarShare leaving town.

The company has added fifteen new vehicles at eight new locations, including West Loop, Lincoln Park, Gold Coast and the University of Chicago. Zipcar first launched in the Chicago area in July of 2006 with a handful of vehicles and has since grown to more than 500 vehicles across the city from Hyde Park to Edgewater, Lakeview to Wicker Park, Old Town to the Loop, and even the O’Hare International Airport and the Chicago Midway International Airport.

The company also added several new makes and models to its Chicago fleet, including a Volvo XC60, a Mercedes-Benz C300, a Mercedes-Benz CLA, a Mercedes-Benz GLC, a Subaru Impreza and a BMW X1.

These sustainable and cost-effective wheels can be reserved 24/7 to all members ages 21+ (or 18+ for students on Zipcar affiliated campuses) living in or traveling to the Chicago area. Hourly reservations include gas, insurance, maintenance, a dedicated parking spot for easy pick up and return and 180 free miles per day.

Whether you’re a student living in the downtown Chicago area, a family who owns one car and occasionally needs access to a second set of wheels or someone who wants access to Zipcar’s industry leading variety of makes and models to fit virtually all needs, Zipcar has you covered.

Zipcar’s innovative transportation solution helps remove personally-owned vehicles from the road. In fact, more than 50 percent of Chicago Zipcar members are less likely to acquire a car in the next few years as a result of Zipcar, according to a recent survey of Chicago Zipcar members. This in turn reduces emissions, as well as traffic and congestion, allowing for shorter commute times and more parking spot availability.

To join Zipcar or to view a complete list of vehicles and locations throughout the city, visit