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Another great contest in the books!

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Another great contest in the books!

Mentoring kids. Exploring nature. Shipping medical supplies overseas. Student groups all over the country are up to tons of good. And our Students with Drive grant program is all about boosting positive change.



The votes are in!

This year's Students with Drive contest grand prize winner is Nursing Students for Harm Reduction from Johns Hopkins University! Congratulations to the winning group and all the student organizations that participated in this year's contest. We are in awe of all the wonderful work happening out there and cannot wait do to do it all again next academic year!

Prize breakdown

Prize Chart


SWD 2024 Finalist Videos in Winning Order

We combined your votes and video views with scores from our internal judging panel to determine the student group placements below. Full details can be found in the contest rules

1. Johns Hopkins University: Nursing Students for Harm Reduction

2. Weill Cornell Medical College: Weill Cornell Wellness Qlinic

3. Yale University: 17o1 Records

4. Harvard University: CrimsonEMS

5. University of California, Los Angeles: SOLES

6. Stanford University: Nurtured by Nature

7. University of Florida: SISTUHs

8. Pomona College: People of Color Outside

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