December 2, 2015
Are you a certified scuba diver? Love going for long hikes and camping excursions? Enjoy nothing more than busting out your kayak paddles? Time to move to the city.
October 28, 2015

Seattle offers so much more than rain, Starbucks, and a renowned grunge legacy. Dig beyond the city’s downtown core to discover neighborhoods bursting with unique identities. Among them: Ballard.

April 13, 2015
“Food rescue” is a cause with a positive name, but behind it is a big and complicated problem. Fortunately, incredible organizations around the country are working double time to combat hunger in communities.
March 20, 2015

We’ve all been there: late-night taco cravings, midnight burger quests, and ill-advised stop-offs for copious quantities of fried chicken. But fast food isn’t the only thing you can score at the drive-thru window.

March 2, 2015

It’s no coincidence that Zipcars live in leading-edge cities. And as we work towards advances in technology, transportation, sustainability, and city living, so do the following locales.

February 20, 2015
With options all across the country (and beyond), take a break from campus this spring to build affordable housing, work with kids, or volunteer in myriad other capacities – no bikinis and sombreros required.
October 10, 2014
While we wouldn’t recommend camping out for the night in hopes that the Great Pumpkin will appear, classic pumpkin patches are still well worth a visit during the harvest season. Think: thick sweaters, cozy scarves, cups of hot cider — and as many soon-to-be Jack O’Lanterns and pies as you can carry.
August 15, 2014
Crowds of sunburnt, irritable swimmers. Eye-watering levels of chlorine. That one kid who’s prone to swim trunk accidents. There are a lot of reasons why heading to the local pool when the heatwave hits is a better idea in theory than in practice. But when the mercury climbs, you’ve gotta find a way to cool off somehow. That’s where your local water hole retreat comes in. These spots are safe and sanctioned for swimming, but also offer cooling water, chemical-free paddling, and the chance to practice your best backstroke — all while surrounded by trees, open skies, and even the odd critter or two. Throw in some picnic supplies and change the status on your summer to “solved.”