Zipcar President Offers Career Tips for Women for Women’s Equality Day
August 24, 2018

Zipcar President Offers Career Tips for Women for Women’s Equality Day

Zipcar, a brand founded by two female entrepreneurs and led by a woman president, highlights tips for women in the workplace – or, “rules for your career road trip” – as told by Zipcar President Tracey Zhen. Tracey shared her personal career journey, on which these tips are based, at a recent Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce Women’s Network Breakfast. (Photos from the breakfast). 

  1. You don’t always need a map, but a compass helps. Define what “north” is for you, and follow it.
  2. Pick your co-pilots wisely. Who you work with is more important than where you work, or what role you have
  3. Ask for directions. Seek feedback. Offer feedback to others. And ask for help if you need it.
  4. Pick up other people along the way. Find a mentor. Or take time to be a mentor to others. Especially women.
  5. Read the operating manual. Prepare. It will boost your confidence. And bring data.
  6. Lastly—enjoy the ride. Have a life outside of work. Good leadership is about building strong relationships—including family and friends

At Zipcar, we’re focused on making cities better places to live have been long time supporters of women’s equality. For example, we’re members of the Boston Women’s Workforce Council, working on ways to close the gender-pay gap, and we support a number of non-profits dedicated to women’s empowerment, including Strong Women, Strong Girls and the Women’s Audio Mission

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